Wednesday, January 11, 2017

365: week 1

If you saw the previous 2 posts labeled 1/365 and 2/365 ... they're gone now. I don't have the time or energy to be blogging everyday. Not only that ... the thought of all those individual posts started giving me palpitations. So it's a makeover. My hope is to do one week at a time .. ending the week on Saturday to post on Sunday. I did see the comment that I'm about to delete. Maaret - maybe we can get a gold old blog hop going next year again. That was always a challenge! And yes, I know. It's Wednesday today .. not Sunday. I may be off a bit (or two or more) but I've got the week figured out perty good.

Trees are laden with citrus making my mouth water.

Is that snow I see on them there mountains?

Sick with a cold and should be drinking tea instead.

Finding sunset on the way home.

My latest read giving me insight into devastating loss.

Kisses for a baby brother.

3 years of good old fashioned scrapbooks moved to Shutterfly and ready to print.

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