Friday, December 30, 2016

a christmas dinner for a king

My linens are usually starched.
The china is dusted.
The silver might be polished.

This year we moved it all outside.
Brown paper covered the tables.

The men did almost all of the cooking.
(sort of like camping in my world)
One pot has shrimp, corn and potatoes .. in some sort of order ...

crab legs ... pound after pound ..

in a pot big enough to feed a few.

Out of the seasoned hot and into the hot cooler they went.

Bridget had a few firsts today.
Shrimp ...I'm not suppose to eat those little feet?!
Or it may have been the look on my face when Jari missed the discard pot
and hit my drink glass instead.

Something being shared over there.

Our dear Char who cleaned up everyone's crab pieces.
Her family doesn't waste a bit of it ... she's a pro at this business.

I had forgotten about this drink until Blayde reminded me.
He has taken this drink of Denise's, from a shared holiday in Alaska,
and made it his holiday tradition.

This is the first time we've done this and I must say we stressed a little bit.
Was it going to be too spicy?
How were we going to cook it all?
Was it even going to work?
We learned a few things along the way and it was
Seasoning straight from heart of Louisiana.

Crab flying, finger licking, lip tingling, laugh producing, stomach filling
downright goodness.

Not to mention the best company one can ever have.

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