Sunday, September 23, 2012

lovin' weekends

It has been one of those crazy busy weekends.
Friday evening we met Juha & Annette at Rock Springs Cafe.
Traffic was our friend and we made it a bit early and started wandering around.
I never knew this little green corner of the world existed!
There is a very nice Garden Patio tucked in next to the Cafe.

 A very obviously fake cemetery if you take time to read the "headstones".
I particularly like the one that declares a VACANCY.

My favorite for the evening. 

I enjoyed a beautiful wedding reception on Saturday evening.
Enjoyed a houseful of company for lunch on Sunday and then moved the party
over to another household for the evening.
Plumb forgot I was on organ duty at church in the evening.
I really did put all my responsibilities into my phones calendar ...
tonites obligation didn't make it.

The laptop crashed this week sending school work into trouble mode. Aach!!
I went Christmas shopping this week via the good old internet.
I even had ideas for gift wrapping but Home Depot didn't have what I wanted.
The garage didn't get cleaned, but the pool came down.
After conducting a survey of possible swimmers vs the cost of filling a leaking pool,
emptying the pool won. 
The weeds are going to be going bonkers ... they're now very well hydrated.

Busy week coming up. To be followed by a weekend in sweatshirts.
I can't wait!!

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  1. Your weather looks so beautiful! Dry. It's been wet here way too long!