Thursday, September 27, 2012

three measley photos

are the only photos that exist on this computer.
I can't believe it.
Fresh computer that was the cheapest least expensive one we could find
and nearly naked as the day it came out of a factory in some third world country.
The word documents folder is already full of school stuff ...
my part of the computer is a blank slate.
Not so with the trash can in the kitchen.
It is shameful to say that this is my reality somedays.
I don't drink Thirstbusters. Ever.
If I'm stopping for something from Circle K or some other convenience store
it is going to be black coffee.
Recently I think I said something about people busily cleaning without prompting.
I take that back this week.
The kids have been nagging me to buy the lemonade.
We are an iced tea household.
There is nearly a gallon of outdated milk in the fridge.
I almost bought another gallon (yes ... one gallon) of milk at Costco yesterday but
am getting rather weary of throwing milk away.
This week I finally tried the Arnold Palmer tea .. I'm hooked.
Another first for me was a visit to Half Priced Books today!
I rarely purchase books. In fact I think the last time I purchased a new book was at a newstand
at an airport before boarding a flight.
Occasionally I'll pick up a bunch at a yard sale, usually I download and plug in an earbud.
Today's mission was some Algebra books.
Between these books (and College Algebra was a bit over the top) and YouTube help
I think we'll accomplish something.
I am about to lose my mind!!!
This computer is naked empty and slower than molasses in January in Nome.
I haven't even loaded more than 3 photos and this crazy thing pauses every minute or so
for 15 seconds to think.

From Blackboard Blunders:
Our solar system is made of a sun, nine planets, lots of moons and balls of fire
which fly around inside the system and can cause damage. These are called hemaroids.
From Fresh Elastic for Stretched out Moms:
Just Being There
What we mothers have to recognize is that it is all right to hurt - hurt is a measure of
the love we have invested in someone else. There is  risk involved with love, and,
too often, heartache. But the alternative is a life of gray and dullness. Love doesn't 
have to be profound, or educated, or dazzling. It just has to be there, steady and sure,
even in the bad times. 

Laughter, my friends, is good for the soul.


  1. We're still in such a different phase here - the phase of ... always running to the store for milk!! We go through about 2 gallons a day - a cashier told Ami a couple weeks ago that we should just get a cow! :)As Travis drained the last of the milk this morning before school, he told me, 'My bones must be pretty strong- I think I drank 2 liters of milk yesterday'! I don't limit them tho', because I know we'll come to your phase when they're older- the milk ($$$)won't be the number one drink in the house anymore.

    The Lipton iced tea looks good!

    1. We have never really been a milk drinking house. Maybe when the kids were younger and occasionally since then. Too many lactose intolerant folks around here. Gave up the stuff awhile ago myself and Oreos have never been the same since!

  2. Oops! I looked again, and you don't have Lipton - well the Nestea looks good then!! :D

    The lemonade makes me think of Cole telling me a few weeks ago that he can't WAIT until his turn to go to America to visit- I asked him what he misses the most from America (he doesn't actually remember living there- he was 2 when we moved here) and he said, 'Lemonade!!' Haha!!

    1. I think I need to find a way to send some Lemonade in your direction!

  3. Sounds like we have similar problems but it's our internet that's slow over here. It's sooo slow. I can't even watch the video's from the class I'm taking. Ugh! Made some phone calls and it sounds like we just might be able to get some cable here a couple weeks. Crossing the fingers.

    1. How frustrating! The computer isn't bogging now. Perhaps an update did some magic. Whatever it was, I'm thankful.