Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend

we spend in town.
Visiting until the wee hours of morning on Friday evening.
Saturday working on projects of one sort or another.
Sunday we went to 8:30 church and then had Juha & Annette over for the day.
Super fun!
We enjoyed a lunch of grilled salmon & halibut,
followed by skyping with Mummu & Pappa.

 Today, Monday, I got part of the garage cleaned out.
At least the piles of clothes that keep spilling everywhere
waiting for a trip to Goodwill or the like.
I had an idea today, but it sounds a bit lofty.
We haul these boxes into the house all the time.
A trip to Costco and invariably I come home with a big box
that ends up in the recycle dumpster.
Why not fill those boxes and ship them off to somewhere else?
Box into the trunk of the car and filled with oldies that need to leave.
Maybe next time I'll set the box in the hallway by the girls' bedrooms and
give them orders to fill it up to the brim.

Not only are there the boxes from Costco, but now I'm bringing home boxes from work as well!
Would you walk out carrying these two things in your arms or would you grab an empty box?
I vote for the box.
I have a dear coworker who had an extra pair of Danskos sitting in her closet that she can't wear.
Perfect size for my feet ... and I buy black ones.
Love these ... just never would have paid the price they command.
And syrup ... she can't use it fast enough.

Not sure I can either ...
better add pancakes to the menu a bit more often!


  1. Are you liking the snake skin? is that what they are? If not, I've seen some fun looking mod podged shoes on pinterest. Kind of a crazy idea...just a thought... :D

  2. They're snake skin and I'm liking them just fine. The problem is that I clunk and bang my shoes so badly, I'm afraid they won't be looking like this for very long. Wouldn't it be fun to find a cheap pair of shoes and try the modge podge thing? I've been wanting a pair of silver colored somethings to wear with a skirt. Maybe I ought to try it!