Friday, July 12, 2013

28:52 made with love

Project 52

This week our project is titled made with love.
I have a special box tucked up in a safe place that is filled with 
a few very special treasures.
Some have made their way to places unknown,
others have stayed behind.
These pieces aren't dated, so I have no idea
at which stage of school life and art class they were made.
I do know that they were loving and gently
carried homeward.
A shy smile probably lit the face of the giver.
Shy because it was something she had made.
A smile as she waited for my reaction to her gift ...
one made with love.

Now, as she sets up her own household, I can share with her.
Treasures to delight her home.
The rug I started a while back is finally finished ....

 I think I shared my gift with her ... just as she shared hers with me.
A smile in anticipation of her receiving it,
and a hint of shy while I hoped she would be pleased.
For I started this project as something to keep my hands busy,
but ended it knowing where it was destined to lay
and whose feet on it would trod.

Those feet that were also 
made with love.

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1 comment:

  1. Ah, it's those small pieces crafted with small hands that take up the biggest residence in our hearts. I have a feeling that if a lump of clay were handed into our hands, we'd still cherish it when accompanied by that shy smile.

    I'm sure the rug will be cherished!