Friday, July 26, 2013

30:52 sunset

Project 52

I should probably excuse myself from this weeks blog post,
but here I am.
Facebook has been loaded with beautiful Arizona sunsets
filled with the colors and clouds of the monsoon season.
I feel like I'm living in a ditch or a gully
and am yearning for space where I can see around me.
Well, at least something other than the neighbor's roof line.
Just last week I was outside and the sky was beautiful looking east.
I grabbed the camera, the car keys and headed up the local "rise"
to grab a picture of a sky filled with glorious color.
Only several miles of travel ....
and the view was completely gone.
That has been my story of late.
My moments behind the camera seem to be falling 
farther and farther between ... at least for the moment.
I only manage to emerge when the 
sun sets and the moon rises.

You might just find some sunsets over here.

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