Monday, July 22, 2013

I am attempting

to confine the wedding preparations to one room in this house.
One room where I can shut the door and decline invitation.

Invitations are the order of the week.
Last Saturday we had a table full of working hands and hearts ....

I just have to say this.
This couple (whose wedding is quickly approaching I might add) is incredibly blessed.
They have so many friends to share their walk through life.
And my poor daughter has inherited my inability to remember names.
Wylon has friends all over the place and somehow she is going to need to learn who they all are.
Poor gem.

I think. I hope. I dream. 
This might just be the halfway mark!

And aren't these just the cutest little rusting loaf pans ever?!

Goodwill has become my favorite haunt.


This evening I finally got around to paying the phone bill.
It has been that kind of week.
Tia is off in Minnesota for a while and her bedroom is ready to sleep 2 Finnish guests for the night tomorrow.
And .... I managed to move enough stuff out of the way to be able to close that bedroom door down the hall.
It must be time for some sleep.

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