Friday, December 27, 2013

52:52 twinkling lights

Project 52
Here we are.
Our final week of this project.
This has been a challenge at times, especially in the time department.
Some Thursday's I've all of a sudden remembered at one o'clock in the morning,
after my visitors have gone home, that I had a post to finish.
I've used some old photos mixed in with new ones,
but every week I have posted a photo that was new.
It has forced me to pick my camera and keep it at the ready.
I wish my photography skills were better,
but that would be another one of those little time things.
I have been awed at the number of you who have strolled around our circle.
I certainly hope you have enjoyed it as much as we all have.
Waiting to see everyone's interpretation of our week's theme has
been a lot of fun as well.
I appreciate the gals who hung in there and made this work.
Christmas is now over and I'll share a post about that later.
For now, quiet has descended.
The shoulders can lift a little higher.
The belly protude a little further.
The house is still full of sugar and leftovers.
I may even have a moment now to sit and enjoy the twinkling lights.
I had better do it quicklike, because I've an itch to take it all down already.

Duke certainly has the right idea.
More twinkling lights up the road a spell ......
May your New Year be blessed!

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