Thursday, December 12, 2013

Overnite oatmeal

I haven't had time lately to be visiting Pinterest, much to my dismay.
I do go to work though and the girls at work are all coming in with Mason jars filled with oatmeal.
So, I decided to join them.
Talk about a filling breakfast for one on the run.
I've been very lazy about my usual microwave morning oatmeal/egg thing, so thought this might just do the trick.
1. Gather the ingredients.
** If you don't want to use almond milk, skim milk packs more protein
just makes your final product a little runnier according to one who tried it.

2. Plunk the ingredients into a canning jar, plop the lid on put it in the fridge.
Incidentally, a leftover pasta sauce jar works too. Anything storage container works.
The canning jar just looks cute.
Or, do a bunch at a time.
It will sit nicely for days in the fridge.
3. In the morning, just grab and go.
One valuable little lesson I learned. Shake it to keep the chia seeds from clumping together.
I couldn't handle the thought of chewing on a spoonful of chia seeds and starting dumping them in the garbage out of my container when I spoon stirred the mix. If you shake it up good, they disperse throughout and it works much better.
Second lesson. I really am not crazy about plain greek yogurt. I bought a large container of greek yogurt with honey at WinCo and yum! It is almost divine. Mix any fruit in there you like or add fruit sauce. Anything works that teases your taste buds.
No nutritional content values available on this here post. I do know that it is packed with good things so it must be good for you. And it is downright filling.
Overnite Oatmeal Recipe
1/2 cup oatmeal (any kind works)
1 c almond milk
1 Tbsp chia seed
4 oz greek yogurt
1/2 cup fruit (berries, bananas, etc.)
couple drops stevia (I don't use stevia and didn't add any sweetener to mine.)
Put in fridge at night ... ready in the morning.

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