Thursday, February 6, 2014

days like this

Do you have days like this?
If you can count the number of projects going on in this scene,
I'll send you a prize.
Seriously ridiculous.
(The biggest projects of the day aren't even visible.)

Last Friday evening we had a bridal shower for Alyx.
Super fun with a fine group of folks to share the evening and the joy.
Alyx and her sisters ... these three young ladies will be standing together
in a few short weeks.
The wonder that is health insurance has me leaving for work a little earlier these days.
If you knew me several years back ....
at this moment you can't quite believe it is the same person.
5:10 a.m. and I'm on the freeway driving to work.
And I'm not even in my pajamas.
Better yet .... I even remembered my teeth!
This fun wedding planner is the life saver around here right now.
The countdown is seriously on and the list of things to do is dwindling.
We have some creativity and organization planned for next week.

 This week my heart has had some very heavy days.
Yes, we are surrounded by things that bring us joy.
At the same time there are families and friends around us whose hearts are breaking.
Their lives are changing in ways that they never imagined.
They trust that God knows what is best and in His time His will be done.
While our conscious mind understands that,
our heart just wants to weep.
There are those that are close to us.
There are others who don't know us, yet we share their sorrow.
May the Lord bless each of them and keep each of them.
May He give each of them peace.

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  1. Relating so much with the heavy heart.....'God gives his strongest soldiers... his toughest jobs' -Pam