Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i'm so grateful

This blog has sort of fallen by the wayside under the weight of all the other things going in life.
For some reason, it is crazy busy.
Maybe it is for many blessed reasons.
And, yet, when I check to see if anyone is out there reading .... you are.

I'll get back on track with blathering all sorts of nonsense sometime soon.

In the meantime ...

Thanks to all who supported my drive to help the homeless youth in my community.
Thanks to all of you who passed on the message to another person.
Over 450 folks read that blog entry and I appreciate your generosity!!
I raised cash in the amount of $145 and received donations of items as well.
This evening I went and picked up a bunch of goodies that I am planning on dropping off tomorrow.

My goals were a bit loftier than reality, but there is a bunch of loot here that will make someone smile.
I am determined to get back to couponing with weekly store sales ... and passing along what our family isn't in need of.

Just as soon as .....

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh Anita..your talents never cease to amaze me. Always makes my heart grin when I read your blogs:) hugs! Pam