Wednesday, February 26, 2014

normal might just be

around the corner.

I went to the post office last evening and the box was so full I nearly couldn't retrieve the mail.
It's been like that around here lately.
I know. 
I have nearly all adult children and what on earth could be wrong with me?
It has been a crazy 8 months or so.
Incidentally, there are some of us who have home addresses who prefer to have a post office box.
We aren't drug runners.
We just don't like to collect our mail.
Really. How often do you get anything good in yours other than a sales circular and a bill?
This pickup had enough magazines in it to keep me reading through a trip to Minnesota and back.
Only one of which I'm going to read.
What a waste!

Then I came home and attacked this pile as well. 
Lo and behold!
My W-2 really had come in the mail. Who knows when.
Yet another little piece of paper that will in all likelihood be the equivalent of another bill.
I really need to get to the filing of tax returns for kidlets this week.
Mine can wait ... a very long time.

So now that life has settled down a tad and my studying has only about 15 weeks remaining,
you might just see a bit more of me in the land of blog.
I think I have some wedding crafting projects to share with you.
There really have been some deeper thoughts rolling around in my noggin here and there.
They've obviously not been shared.
I've been highly disappointed with the lack of time available for creativity in the Project 52 department and am hoping that will also change.

See you around the bend!

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