Wednesday, April 23, 2014

creating a keepsake

Prior to Duke leaving our family,
we made a valiant attempt to capture his paw prints.
I don't honestly know what I thought I was going to do with InstaMold.
Maybe make a mold?
Either I can't read instructions or the stuff is completely worthless.

I really did make an attempt ... several different times.

Another trip to Hobby Lobby got us the kit for making a stone type thing. That's all well and good, but we needed five of them. We tried getting his paw into a bowl filled with mud mix and he wasn't standing so good ... this was the best of five. Not impressed with that either!

The vet had made us a print in Sculpey clay before they left with him. It is absolutely beautiful. That was one. I still needed five more.

Off to Hobby Lobby again ... this time for Sculpey clay. Being the budget and coupon conscious person that I am, I came home with several colors that could be purchased in greater quantitites and one dark one. When the vet did Duke's print, they used three packages of Sculpey to get one print. He had something akin to hooves at the end of his legs!

Supplies at the ready, including stamps for his name, I started rolling and kneeding clay.

Using the original as a mold, I made another. Obviously, this one turned out raised rather than indented. I smoothed out the backwards written Duke and restamped it. Punched a hanging hole with a straw and sent it and another to the oven to bake. 

Once the raised ones were finished, I made two more from it. I did lose a little bit from the lifting of the clay, but was still happy with the results.
While I was busy kneeding, I apparently overdid this one! Was rather horrified and sad that the clay had all turned to gray. Yet, in the end, it turned out to be my favorite.

They certainly aren't perfect, but each of our children will have a keepsake of their beloved Duke.

And that matters.

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