Wednesday, April 30, 2014

using it up and cleaning it out

I've started.
I'll give myself that much at least!
Started cleaning out spaces and places.
A person can hold on to a lot of things with good intentions.
First up was burp cloths.
Combine a flannel sheet no longer being used
with some summery print that came from somewhere a while ago.
Turn them into utilitarian, if not exactly darling, burp cloths.
One down!!

Then came the pillow. I'm a fan of pillows and can never have enough. Apparently I'm also into red pillows!

A screaming deal at Goodwill 6 months ago or so finally got covered with a piece of fabric that should have hit the trash bin a long time ago but hung around waiting for this opportunity. Reusing, recycling, repurposing ... anything that gives something a new look without spending more than a nickel is my kind of thing. Although a contrasting closure on this pillow might add some serious pop to it. That would have necessitated a trip to the store and that just wasn't happening.

I have a visiting pigeon problem over here and sometimes they like to fly around and leave droppings in the most disgusting places. I needed a pillow cover that was removable so made this one envelope style. Then, rather than closing it in the back, decided to make the closure in the front.

Attach a strip of fabric to the inside of the envelope ....

Add some rather crude button holes to the front of the envelope and feed the fabric through ...

Tie up the fabric in a bow and voila! Yet another pillow to lounge with when hanging outdoors.

There is something about sitting with the sewing machine or the craft supplies that just brings about a sense of calm. Another might find that in the kitchen. Someone else with a book. A spa might be your place. The garden ....

I could be nearly comatose if I took the sewing machine into the garden.

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