Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a baby shower and a baby!

Saturday afternoon we had a few folks over for a fun filled afternoon.
We showered the soon to be mom with all kinds of treasures for
the new life that is soon to be born.
She has this perfect basketball (well, maybe a beach ball) that she is carrying around.
I never looked like that ... it comes from her father's side of the family.
We are all getting anxious to meet this little guy.
We (not she) are planning on camping this coming weekend and she thinks
it would be a grand idea to have the baby while we're gone.
I'm not sharing the thought.

 I actually wrote this on Sunday and scheduled the post for today.
Then Sunday evening I got a text from the mommy to be asking if I was
working at the Tempe campus of my hospital the following day.
If I was .... I might get to visit her.

9:20 pm: yup ... at the hospital
10:21 pm: being admitted
2:27 am: enjoying the luxury of the epidural
4:43 am: water broke

I've never had a daughter in labor before and I don't remember
spending such a sleepless nite in a long time.
The last text was received as I was getting ready to leave for work.
Then there was silence.
Absolute silence.
Drive me crazy kind of silence.
So, after I had finished what I HAD to get done,
I took a trip down to the other end of the hospital to find out what was happening.
And being as I was told to not hurry back ... I didn't.
I stayed for about an hour and got to meet our first grandchild.
He is absolutely perfect.

And I don't happen to be biased one bit.
6 lbs 13.9 oz
19.5 inches of blessings.
"Let the spoiling being!" was one comment on Facebook.
Spoiling .... maybe.
Loving ... for sure.

Of course, we trooped down there Monday evening after we all made it home
from the obligations of our day.
They are all looking right fine and happy.

I think they need a date night real soon.
I just want to sit and snuggle.


  1. Congratulations, Nana! He's so cute!!

  2. Congratulations everyone!!! What a handsome fella you all have got there!! What a blessing~~Pam