Monday, April 6, 2015

a blessed easter

to each and every one of you.

We enjoyed a day with our loved ones around us.
I actually took out the camera.
Even flipped between a few lenses.
Some of the kiddos are more challenging than others to keep still, but I managed half a dozen blog posts out of todays camera action.

Tia is dreading one of them.
Oh yum!

This is the last year that the Easter Bunny will fill baskets in our home.
There are some of these things that I don't mind leaving behind.

This would be one of them.
Someone beat me home from church today and sent me a text that read,
"Who's Easter bag?"
Yup. Last one. Done.

The littles were both here today at different times.
I think I might actually enjoy Easter egg hunts with them when they are a wee bit older.

Wyatt is such a sunny little guy. He is ticklish, has the greatest belly laugh and does not stop moving. Ever. And happy, happy, happy. Makes me want to drive over and snuggle him right now!
I say that must be all Simonson.

He is now at the age where if I disappear behind the camera ... he doesn't know where I went and stops smiling. Makes for some more serious photography when I can't see but through my view finder.

Then there is this one! He wants to be everywhere. Sebastian turned a year old this week and hasn't started walking yet. He's pretty proud of himself when he pulls a hands free stand. Won't be long and he'll be motoring by foot ... everywhere. As it is, he doesn't mind crawling in the rocks, under benches and couches .. pretty much anywhere he can fit!

Heart. Be. Still.
My hubby just found my hidden Cadbury mini eggs.
And asked me if I wanted a few.
I must remember to stop at Target on my way home tomorrow.
I think they'll be marked down.

And, last but never least, the recipient of the last Easter basket in this house.

Have a great week!

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