Friday, June 26, 2015

77 degrees on the Mississippi

After our birthday party in Brainerd,
some of us headed for the twin cities to spend the night at Becky & Wayne's.
Jari left with Tia from Brainerd headed toward North Dakota,
stopping for the night at his sisters.
The drive for my carload had moments of weepy.
Tia, bless her heart, was sending very touching text messages
to the travelers in the car.
The gals in the car?
We were needing some tissues. Lots of 'em.
Monday morning, after 4 hours of sleep, Blayde and I brought Char to the airport.
Back to the house to wake up Brock & Bridget.
Visited with them a bit before they left for NoDak.
Then it was time for breakfast.
A whole slew of us went to the Old Maine Eatery in Elk River for some vittles.
No pictures ... of course!
When we got back to the house, Becky asked me what I'd like to do.
Sitting around visiting was certainly an option,
but when I asked for a suggestion she mentioned kayaking the river.
I've been dreaming of heading to Prescott to do some kayaking.
I've only once been in one and am not very coordinated on a good day!
Wayne (thank you, thank you, thank you!) dropped us off.
The place we launched was probably 5 minutes from their house.
Imagine having this in what is virtually your back yard?!
We sisters went about half the distance ....

 and then were joined by 2 of Becky's girls and  her grand daughter, Chloe, in a canoe.

Relaxing and super fun!

Next time I might just say "let's hit the river!"
I wonder, if I lived next to it, if I would be out there.
I would sure hope so!

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