Sunday, June 7, 2015

It's already Sunday?!

I was on vacation all week with the exception of a few hours on Thursday. 
You'd never know it. 

I'm exhausted. 

I did get my room cleaned. 
I've helped Tia pack up some stuff. 
Her bedroom has to be completely mucked out and ready for a visitor Wednesday evening. 
Now THAT should be the only goal for the week!

We've rearranged travel schedules a few times but I think we have it down.
One night in Minnesota to figure out yet but other than that ...
maybe we can start packing bags!
We have people traveling to Minneaota this week in 3 different vehicles and the queen bee mother is flying the red eye. 

We are heading up to some serious family celebrations!!

A few pics from whatever is left on my phone from the past week. I actually managed to clean most of it off! Add that to the miracle department. Just cuz some are priceless. 

It has rained!! A lot! Rip roaring storms unheard of in Phoenix in June. Another one coming this week they say. 

Tia got new glasses from Zenni. Ordered and delivered in four days. I got new specs from Target. Had the bows adjusted a little too much. They hurt. Like really hurt after a few hours. Maybe I'll have time to get that problem fixed. On Thursday. 

Coffee cooking when the power went out. Seriously fast cup of java. 

Water hose discovery. 

A haircut that was disappointing but looks cute regardless. 

Wyatt has his own kissing style ... might want to call it chewing instead. 

Oh my.  They are growing so fast! Our lives have changed. We are completely entertained just watching them. 

And, finally, the tomatoes are ripening!!

Which means they need to be eaten before I leave.

Good night!
Have a swell week. 

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