Wednesday, June 24, 2015

80 quilt shops

My mom is a very talented quilter.
For the past 10 years, she has made many treasures that will be cherished
long after she is no longer making them.
I don't know where this idea came from, but ....
a card with 80 quilt shops around the country for her to explore.
actually came from a favorite antique store of mine in Elk River, Minnesota
last summer when I buzzed through there.

This website I found lists quilt shops by state across the country.
I originally thought about making this card so that it followed a path around the country.
When I saw the creative quilt shop names ...
I went with them instead.
80 shops ... 50 states ... the states they travel most frequently got more stops to make.

Although you can buy tags, I was practicing being frugal.
I used a few that I already had (from grad cards) and then using card stock ...

made the rest myself.

Handwritten names of shops.
Like, isn't Junebug's Quilt Shop kinda cute?
And South Dakota probably should have a Badlands Quilting.

The color theme for our party was black, gold and white.
Gold thread on the sewing machine ...

scraps of fabrics to resemble quilt squares ... or something ...

were sewn on each tag. Depending on how the writing was on the tag,
the sewn squares went on to fit.

A quick trip to the local hardware store for a key ring large enough to fit the tags ...
another trip out to the craft supplies out in the laundry room yielded some ribbons to
dress up the key ring.

Personal message added on the first tag
and she should have many, exactly 80 to be precise, quilt shops to explore
across this great nation of ours. 

And really.
She has oodles of friends who travel ...
perhaps she can share a card with them!

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