Saturday, June 20, 2015

Marjanen Family Reunion

In celebration of 50 years in this country and 65 years of marriage,
we had a family reunion in Minnesota last weekend.
I just uploaded 141 photos to a Google Drive (that's next on my list to learn how to use!) ...
you obviously aren't going to see them all here.
We held the reunion at the Cokato church, just as we held the last reunion 15 years ago
at the Prescott church. Worked out very well ... thanks to all the Minnesota folks
for all their hard work!
Pappa shared with everyone why this reunion was so especially important to him.
He is losing his eyesight, with 50% of it gone now, and this weekend may be the last time he
will be able to "see" so many of us.
It made me so very glad that all of our children were able to be there.
And it sort of makes me want to hop back on a plane while I'm writing this.

A human foosball game put that provided great entertainment and exercise
between all the rounds of eating!
I didn't give it a whirl.
Figured I'd need a wheelchair if I did!

Can you tell I'm in love with the flowers?!
Oh ... I miss them!

Saturday was Marjanen Family Olympics time!
This particular event was titled "Dress Like Mummu".

The ring toss.

Don't you just love the creativity here?!
The Long(evity) jump ...

  The kiddos entertainment was well planned by Tikki.
The adult visiting .... so heart warming to see folks we don't get to see often.
We were also able to meet Geoff who came from the east coast to join us.
I wrote our story of learning of Geoff a few years back.
We were finally able to meet in person!

Generations ...

With very limited moments of sleep ... we all could have perched on this picnic table!

The most special parents ...

who brought all these special people into the world,
and across the ocean  ...

so that we could in turn, meet and marry ...
and raise our own families.

We were sorry that Tarron wasn't able to join us for the weekend ...
otherwise, this is my growing family!
The photographer is still on vacation, meandering her way around the country.
As soon as I see the group picture, I'll share it with you.
We are quite the crew now!


  1. I had to read this post twice! Very heartfelt emotions looking at those familiar faces, especially "Mummu & Pappa".

    1. We were so lucky to have so many join us for the reunion! As is typical of events such as this, visiting time seems to be limited and interrupted. Time to go spend a good quality SkipBo playing weekend up there.