Wednesday, October 21, 2015

baby bibs via pinterest

There was a baby shower for a set of twin boys several weeks ago that I wasn't able to attend.
My parents arrived in town for a week that evening!!

I've been eyeing a bib on Pinterest for quite a while now, wanting to really get one in the mail as a baby gift and not managing it. It is so disastrously late it is rather appalling!

It has sort of been one of these kind of things: I know I have some lightweight denim somewhere ... did I use it for making a rug to get rid of it ... I don't think I would have done that ....
These conversations with myself can go on for months.

So back to the baby shower. I hopped on Pinterest to take a peek and found some of the cutest bibs ever! And if you combine some of those cute ideas into one ... I had most of the stuff I needed.

And shucks, but if they didn't turn out cute!

If I had used lightweight denim, I would have finished the edges. This way they will fray over time with washes and get even more ragged looking as well as soft and cushy.

Love them!

My plan was to just have a red tie against the denim, but I also have creative daughters. The youngest one said, "why don't you .....?"
So we added a denim tie to the red printed side as well for totally reversible bibs.


Then I enlisted the next crafty daughters aid.
She is a pacifier clip maker and isn't the result just adorable?!

Just in time for fall hayrides, apple cider and the pumpkin patch.

Bibs might just be my new thing for a few minutes.
Linen bibs. Denim bibs. Antique stitching bibs.
Bibs. Bibs. Bibs.

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