Wednesday, October 7, 2015

camper ... again

We found another camper to redo. It is becoming a hobby of ours. We hunt for a deal on a cabover camper and then redo it. Use it a few times and off it goes to the next owner.
Hit replay and do it again.
This latest one didn't need a lot done to it. Nothing like the first where we had a serious learning curve. Didn't need nearly as much money poured into it either, but at the same time is a bit simpler than the last. No bathroom/shower in this one. Just a space for a port-a-john to take up residence. Still ... new lights, floors, storage compartment, carpets, memory foam mattress, wiring messes .... all those hubby department types of things.
I so want to do a camper with these colors. Really. I. Do. 
I'm just too cheap to pay full boat price for anything so I get what I can at SAS Fabrics and make it work. 

Labor Day weekend I put the covers of the cushions together. Took off the old, made patterns of the new and recovered the cushions. It is getting quicker with every one I do! Purples with tans this time around! No wavy feeling like you're on a European ship line this time around! I'm guessing that this camper, sans toilet, will probably be more of a hunting type of rig. Would work perfect for me for camping, but you never know.

My camera gathers dust lately. Seriously. I dusted it off and went outdoors for a minute ....

Cabinets and wall covering were left original. No need to replace any of that stuff even if it dates the camper in a great big way.

A whole lot of wood feeling going on in here.

Rather than hanging blinds this time around, I bought a bunch of muslin and made some simple curtains. Jari hung some curtain rods and the windows were covered simply.

I really wanted to add some purple highlights to the curtains. Dingle berries .. ric rac ... painted flowers on fabric. But, after looking at them, I like the simplicity of just sunlight.

The purple isn't overwhelming purple. Just hints that blend in well with everything else.
I like it.

The month of October in our world is booked solid.
Maybe if there is a moment in November, and it hasn't left our side yard, we might have a minute to go lake camping!
If not ... there's always the next one!

Perhaps with some hints of greens?

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