Monday, October 19, 2015


She is still here.
She's been threatened with a new home, but she's learning.
Her nose? Yup. She's been digging in something this morning.
She's always finding something interesting.
She is E.N.E.R.G.Y.
Throw my shoulder out tossing balls kind of energy.

She loves up the little boys.
Licks them like they're the newest Baskin Robbins flavor of the month,
but she doesn't jump on them.
Me? Yes, she tries.
Sometimes she's good and sometimes she is in serious need of attention
and is determined to let you know.

Almost two months ago, she was a real naughty girl and nearly had to find herself a new home.
But she and Jari came to "an understanding" and things have been better.
Yes, she's still a puppy.
It'll take a while and a lot of work,
but she's a serious keeper.
Since scheduling this post ....
Uh. Oh. She was seriously naughty again.
I'm afraid she is going to be looking for a new home.
In the next few days she is going to be looking for a friendly place to live.
Altho' I could live with her antics,
I'm not sure I can live with a husband who can't live with her antics.
This is a serious case of picking battles.
And I don't battle.

She is a doll with kids.

Loves to chew, and regardless of how many bones she is given still occasionally chooses something highly inappropriate to sink her teething mouth into. Like the seat on Jari's beloved ATV.
Not. A. Good. Choice.

And .... while I unscheduled the post and edited ...
puppy loves found a new home.
My parents were here for a week. Super fun for all of us.
We did a lot of running and all of it without this little charmer.
She wasn't really fond of that.

Anyway, I found a home for her.
A home that is filled with children who can match the energy of this one.
We came to a level of understanding in this house.
And I came to a level of acceptance.
We sort of need a dog that is elderly. A dog that is lazy. A dog that doesn't require
a lot of attention. We are some busy folks around here and I really don't want to be
tied down ... yet.
So, we're opting to go pet free for a while.
(We even passed up a bird at a yard sale this weekend. That serious it is around here.)

She was a super good girl on the way up to a bit of a cooler climate.
Even got herself a tasty slurp of a frosty from Wendy's.

Have fun Bullet!

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