Friday, October 23, 2015

purging? not.

I did such a great job purging things the month of September.
October has seen me haul in much more than I ever tossed out the month before.
I'm thinking it needs a diagnosis.
Part of September's purging was getting rid of stuff from our 50th birthdays.
They are gone.
I'm serious.
I have quite a few freebie books through Shutterfly that I need to get printed.
I'm thinking they may expire by the end of the year.
To collect the memories, including treasured memories of our kids and other family members,
I had scanned them all to my computer.
I can honestly say that the book on Shutterfly just needs 3 scenery photos (I need to figure out how to get them off Google Drive) and it will be set to print.
I do love those orange boxes in the mail.
For the cover of my book, I chose our baby photos.
Aren't we just cute?
I'm thinking that this photo has never been out of the frame it lives in. I'm quite confident that the same frame was on the wall when I was growing up. Therefore, I was surprised to see the back of the photo when I took it out to scan it.
Obviously long before Adobe or Picasa were around!
And just look at this charmer!
I'm not sure what age he was when this was taken, but am assuming it was around a year old.
If so, this photo was taken on the other side of the great big pond.
A whopping 4,212 miles from where I was as a baby.

Who would have ever dreamed?

Wait until you see my next Shutterfly book in progress.
I figured out what to do with the kids' baby books!
And this one definitely enables me to do a bit more purging.

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