Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the phone after Christmas

Can you spell crazy with a capital C?
Good thing hubby added a shed for some of his stuff, cuz I'm taking over the garage.
One deal at a time.

Cracker Barrel for breakfast.
White chocolate covered, cream cheese stuffed French toast.
This shouldn't be anywhere near a breakfast menu.
Dessert most definitely.
Divine for sure.

I was seriously spoiled for Christmas this year.
My computer has been funky and declining to the point where I could write faster with pen and paper than getting Word to work.
A new laptop was under the tree ... and within several days ... it wouldn't start either.
Exchanged for another brand and I am up and running.
Now to add software and all that good stuff.
Fast as the dickens at the moment.
Just have to figure out how to make it mine.

My pile of crafting projects has grown exponentially over the past month or two.
Week of vacation = get 'er done!
Anything to be able to live outside and enjoy the cool ... sometimes even too cool and windy to be out there.

And then they came inside. Every surface was covered, massage table included, and ready for paint.

There are probably many words to describe this photo.
Whatever they are, they bring me great joy.
Especially when dear hubby adds his work toys to my play ones.
Each time bulk trash pickup rolls around through our neighborhood, dear hubby tries to add the ping pong table to the curb.
Not yet ....

Key chains for the boys.
I have bags of extra keys laying around.
I don't know why they get kept, but they do.
Never know when you'll need them.
I think there is a secret hiding spot that keeps swallowing the key chains, because within a week .... we can't find either one.
Maybe I'll just keep making more of them.
Believe me, there is enough fabric around here at the moment to keep 'em going!
Eventually we will find the whole stash and my key bags will be empty.

I'm back to work this week.
It was a fabulous week and a half at home.
Thursday is my Friday and, boy, am I ready for another weekend!

I used up some coupons that are expiring the end of the month and just ordered several calendars from Shutterfly.
It is so difficult to choose photos!
Painfully difficult.
I find I don't spend nearly as much time anymore being a shutterbug.
Definitely sad.

Happiest and healthiest New Year to you!

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