Monday, January 18, 2016

tiny bags and more tiny bags

I go thru phases.
Phases of creativity and mood.
I feel like doing one thing.
And then I feel like doing something else.

I really have never made a larger bag .. like adult size to tote things in.
I've been making these smaller ones and am addicted!

I started with these.

Little girl bags in little girl colors.
All of my little bags have zippers in them.
I would be so sad to lose my treasures and imagine the same of anyone else.
Being as Pinterest is my addiction .. I'll save you the wandering foraging for the pattern.
This link will take you there.

One can only do so many cupcakes, or ice cream cones, and then something else takes over.
I really like the way the zipper is on these ones better.
And ... much less hand sewing on these next ones.
These small zippers cost me 24 cents a piece at SAS Fabrics.
I use what I need and chop of the rest of it.
Aren't they just darling?!

I'm all about repurposing everything I possibly can.
This fabric is left over from a baby blanket I made for sweet little Wyatt.
It doesn't take much in the way of scraps to put together a pencil case.
These zippers cost a few cents more, and I did purchase a wee bit of lining.
Mind you ... the lining scraps will be used in many other things.
I used the same idea for putting together the following cases as well as the rectangular bags above.
Need help with that ... excellent tutorial over here.

More leftover fabric from some project idea or another.

My goal on Saturday morning was to use up all the zippers I had around here.
Now I want to run and get some more.
A while ago, I bought a roll of fabric squares from Ikea.
I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but loved the European looking colors of them.
This little pouch was made out of 2 of those squares.
The pile I have left is rather sizeable.
Isn't she a cutie?!
I really don't want felt bags rolling around in my purse catching every piece of
whatever is floating around in there.
This fabric is more like canvas .. heavy weight and won't attract strays.
I think I need a few myself.
Something to catch the chapsticks, essential oil bottles and all that good stuff.

And my all time favorite.
This one took a few more minutes to do.
I wish I had a colored zipper instead of a white one on the top.
And ... I don't like the zipper at the top.
Really, I don't like sewing the zipper at the top.

Other than that ... love it!

 This one took a little more time.
Google to see how far apart lines are on lined paper.
Then machine stitch pale blue lines lengthwise across the fabric and a double red line at the left.
All that cross stitch floss I've had for a million years or more comes in handy.
Pull that stuff out and add a sweet little message.
Select a lining fabric and head to the sewing machine.
To be fair, I would have included the link to this one as well.
It was being sold on Etsy and is no longer available.
You'll just have to make your own .....

I envision these bags with personalized names on them.
Some with the zipper on the left instead of the top.
Small ones to hold erasers.
Longer ones to hold pencils.

I envision little hands tucking them into their backpacks.
I envision larger hands filling them with their sketching pencils.

I'm all about envisioning.

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