Friday, May 20, 2016

a rug for alyx

Before Alyx and Tarron headed for Missouri there was some serious cleaning out going on.
Selling stuff online can be a worthless expenditure of energy and after unsuccessful attempts, her scrubs came to me.

 I took out the trusty scissors, cutting board and rotary cutter and started cutting.

A rainbow rug is what she requested.
I'm not sure this will really work, but I lined them up the best I could in color order.

Then wrapped each in a rubber band (was running out of plastic resealable bags at this point) and labeled each with a number so I can just put this together without thought.
I tend to work on these while visiting or, occasionally, listening to an audiobook when my brain is exhausted from working.
With them all labeled, I just grab the next pile and start working my hands.

I prefer to do circle rugs because they don't have straight edges.
Straight edges are incredibly challenging for me.
This one will be straight and already at this writing ... I need to tear apart several rows to straighten that bugger out.
Eventually I'll get this down!
Fabric doesn't go in the trash around here ... it just ends up being another rug.

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