Wednesday, May 18, 2016

hi there

One day I'll actually get motivated and change my little 1/4" profile picture.
In the meantime .... age is creeping up on me.

And this is really me.
The black sweatshirt is my staple.
The rug strip in my hand is my steady sidekick.

My hair (which really needed a trim) has come to a sort of color that I think would be great on a furniture piece. Brown with hints of red mixed with a silver that isn't merely streaks anymore.
Laugh lines circle my eyes which now need glasses or head straight to a headache from strain.

For today ... this is me.
Tomorrow will produce a few more grays, a few more lines.
Perhaps it will bring another joint that yells and howls once in a while.
For sure it will produce another rug or ten because I can't sit idle ...
not even to flip the page of a book.
I'd love a chance to visit with each and every one of you who come here to read
my, of late, sporadic posts.
A cup of coffee shared outside where the breezes blow silver strands of hair,
the birds sing to us and the visits range from the most light hearted to the deepest matters of life.

But for today, thanks for visiting.
I appreciate you.

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