Monday, May 16, 2016

sorta a sofa table

but not meant to be next to a sofa.
My friend Ronda purchased her first home and had a space that needed something.
Right inside the door ... a place to drop a bag and keys.

So, because she didn't have a tape measure, I used a piece of paper (bad idea) to measure the width needed and used my foot (even badder idea!) to measure the length.
Mix a bad memory together with an unknown shoe size (some are just chunkier than others) and you end up with a table that was really cute ... just a little too long.

The best part of projects like these are the wood pile.
Not the kind where you toss logs in the stove, but the kind where you run and grab leftover pieces and put something together.
My kind of wood pile.
Using an idea from the rogue engineer, I adapted a bedside table pattern into this one.
Which means I just say "ok ... now I need  a piece this size!"
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes I have to take it apart and rework it.
Sometimes the glue works so good that it gets a bit challenging.

The top of the table is made with 2x4's surrounded by 1x2's. All pieces were put together using my favorite little kreg jig tool. Yup. My dear Alaska friend ... I've learned to love that thing!

The table legs themselves are made of 1x2's .. left over from another project ... and stained Dark Walnut.

The bottom shelf is made of 2x3's which makes the bottom shelf a wee bit narrower than the top.

And then there is paint. I have a small paint supply that is really fun to peruse when I'm working on something. In the mood for green or yellow? Yup. Got that covered.
This house needed red and grey.
This was my first attempt at using candle wax between layers of paint and I have to say ... 
I may be buying candles just for the wax. It is so much fun!
I seriously love the look!

Please excuse my wimpy flower and the rest of the patio d├ęcor in this photo.
Kind of like it .. just really wish it wasn't an inch too long.

I'm moving my tape measure to my purse.

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