Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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I am spending spare minutes trying to build saleable items for a craft sale in the fall.
I have to be honest and say that I'm seriously toying with starting a craft booth myself somewhere.
Maybe even an online site.

My life is a wee bit hairy, but (until the wood is completely warped) for the most part this is the stuff I love to do. I love when dear hubby is my helper and indulges me.

In between bigger projects that needed some things on order, I made some little boxes.
The jars are in them to show size.

Another candle waxing project ... am loving that leftover candle wax.
I used an ebony minwax stain on all of the wood pieces first.
And I learned that perhaps I should start buying my stain in larger containers.
I'm going through it mighty fast.
I rubbed candle wax on the parts where I didn't want paint to stick.
There was nothing scientific about this part.
I just eyeballed each piece and started rubbing on wax.
Brush the paint on after that and then using plenty of glue and finishing nails ... the boxes went together.
I'm using wood from the scrap pile.
This isn't fancy, straight, or unblemished wood.
It has so much character it can be challenging to get those corners coming together.
More candle waxing coming up over here!

Drawers from a curbside dump pile (three months ago!) found new life.

I can be a wee bit visionary sometimes.
I see these filled with any number of things.
If I had a counter in my bathroom ... they might hold bathroom kind of stuff.
If I had a baby in the house ... they might hold baby necessities.
If I had a room that was an office ... they might hold those kinds of supplies.

One person's junk is my treasure.
I'm not allowed to curb pickup this quarter.
My pile has morphed from a small one on the patio to take over the garage, the shed, the patio, the space off the patio, the bedroom ....

I do have a charitable donation box by the front door though.
Does that count?

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