Monday, June 20, 2016

loving benches

You've probably seen some of these photos at least once because they nearly give me heart failure.

A while back. A way back while back Jari was out of town.
I figured out how to take apart pallets with the handy sawsall ... and then learned he has a much smaller one that would have worked much easier.
(Now I know.)

The chairs that are stacked upside down in this pile got dismantled.
I am a serious fan of the curbside trash pickup in this city.
Just this past week I learned that Glendale has that going on every month!
This pile around here has to leave first.
And if I count the chairs on my patio today .... there are about 15 of them waiting for a miracle to happen.
I say miracle because the temp is 95 this Fathers Day morning at 7:55 as I write.

The fabric for these bench seat backs came from a craft supply swap we had a while back. I took the fabric sample into the paint store and had them color match the black. Not a jet black ... don't know what color it really is. The chairs were painted, the fabric backs went on and the chairs went into Jari's "man cave" to take up space.

That sounds like it took 10 minutes and was done. Not. Exactly.

Last weekend they came back out and the little things that needed fixing were addressed. Polyacryclic coating went on to protect the finish ....

and they moved to the living room waiting to be transported to another holding place.

This was my first attempt at doing anything upholstery related and if I have photos of the process they are lost to me until 2 years from now when they randomly cross my path. The backs of the seats have the same fabric as the fronts and are padded. I purchased cording stuff to cover my staples (like oodles of those buggers) and glued the dickens out of it with E6000. It should stay on through a hurricane.

I love benches and rocking chairs and anything wooden. Probably highly uncomfortable to sit in for very long but lovely to look at ... and a great place to plunk things.

Like books, bags and blankets ..

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