Friday, June 24, 2016

a shade of gray

Then there is bench building when the dear hubby is home.
I suggest taking the truck and going to pick up pallets. We have pallet suppliers. Love it.
He says, "it would be easier to go to Home Depot".
I say, "how much is that going to cost?"
He says, "let's go look".

Shortly thereafter we leave Home Depot with a rolling big cart.

We come home and spend the rest of Saturday (or Friday or whatever day it was) playing together on the patio with power tools and wood.

And because he's smart and handy ... we end up with a bench that just needs a little more attention.
Like sandpaper, paint and fabric seat backs.
That would be my department.

Bench then moves to the "man cave" and takes up valuable space.
It nearly starts to petrify while waiting for the next step.

In the between time, I want a paint sprayer.
I have serious amounts of paint to spread around here and a sprayer would make life so much easier.
Hubby doesn't like the one he orders me off Amazon (thank goodness for Prime),
but I love it!

Sand, prime, paint.
The paint color (you'll see it a few photos down) came to be via the google.
I went to Diamond Vogel and used one of the top color picks for 2016.
Took my trusty little smart phone to Home Depot and said "I want this".
Works great.

Paint went on.
Poly went on.
Time for fabric.

I searched online and couldn't find trim I liked.
That could be a whole market for someone I think.
I tried wrapping burlap around cording and making it work.
I couldn't manage that either.
Maybe several projects down the road I'll have that down.
So I made my own.

I took the fabric I was using and cut 2 inch strips.

I folded it in thirds, leaving the open edge about midway on one side.

After the bench and I practiced some acrobatic motions getting the backs on,
the glue gun, the E6000 and the trim and I saw the clock wing well past midnight.
For some of you that is no big deal. For those of us who are up at 5 enjoy some cooler weather ... it means a serious determination to get this bugger done.

Excuse the lighting/coloring in these photos. Midnight to morning makes a huge difference in the living room lighting.
The back of the seat ...

and another bench is born!


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