Monday, October 1, 2012

Started vacation ... again

with a weekend at Kamp Kipa in the kitchen.
So I didn't know that if you put your name on the camp you selected and happen to be the first name on the list they move you right up to the line following the word Head.
I've never had the pleasure of heading up the kitchen before and had never even worked in this kitchen, but with Sara at the helm .... it is a well oiled machine.
I was short a lady on my list, so enlisted Jari's aid for the weekend and he willingly obliged. So glad he was there. He's a natural around that equipment .... and remembered those lovely things that I forgot.
I consciously left my camera at home so missed any great shots of color on the way up and down.
I also missed taking some shots of the rest of the crew. They were awesome!! Fun to meet new gals from Colorado that I didn't know .... and reconnect a bit with ones I do.
I don't know if he realizes I wasn't kidding, but I've added Jari to any camp kitchen duty that I'm on from here on out.

Enjoyed the bonfire and have to say that the air felt warmer than it did at Mother's Camp the beginning of September. Especially when not around the fire. Either that or I was doing more moving around and less sitting on my haunches.

A great weekend with great folks!

Now I follow the weekend with a week of forced vacation. No. I'm not in trouble!
When our doctor is gone ... so are we.
The week is filled with some appointments and hopefully some catching up and getting ahead in other departments. Why would a person sleep in on a Monday morning when they have forms like this waiting for them?!

Even better ... when this fluffy white stuff is waiting?

Pulla is rising, the shower is calling and the dentist will be our next stop of the day.

Before I make dinner ....
- 3rd batch of pulla dough is finishing in the bread machine
- Negative on cavities 
- Positive on referral to oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction
- Eye appointment set for that dear quickly needing bifocals hubby of mine

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