Monday, February 4, 2013

dallying downtown

Friday I had the opportunity to spend a few hours downtown.
I found a parking meter and pushed in every piece of change I had in my wallet.
It bought me about an hour and a half to walk around.
I was thinking that I had about a million things I should be doing instead ....
but it didn't last long.
I hung that camera strap on my shoulder,
filled the purse with another lens, locked the car door and took off walking.
Almost 2 hours of meandering. 
I found another parking meter with time left on it after mine ran out.
I haven't been downtown Phoenix in years.
I don't think I've ever just wandered around down there ...
and I only saw a small piece.
Another day I'll go find another parking meter
in another section of downtown and do it again!

The Sandra Day O'Connor United States Courthouse.
A vision in glass with her likeness gracing the top of the staircase.
It has been a few years now, but I had the pleasure once of sharing
an evening with Justice O'Connor and her family as they
celebrated a very special wedding anniversary.
Sort of makes me think of Dr Seuss' Oh the Places You Will Go.

This last picture made me stop and whirl around in my tracks.
I work in a Pain Clinic and prior to that in primarily a Postoperative Surgery setting.
Pain and pain medication is my game.
Well, at least when I'm not playing around on blogger!
Norco delivery service?!
Who on earth came up with that name?
Even better that it is a 7pm pickup.
Maybe you place your order and it gets picked up at 7pm.
Kind of like drive thru drug service.
Do they then deliver it to you?
Like seriously.
My funny bone may need some straightening after seeing this one.

To be fair, I googled Norco before hitting the publish button.
They've been around since 1957 serving the needs of California businesses.
I'm guessing that they were around loooonnnng before the pain medication was.
Still makes me chuckle.

Today if you have a moment, stop and say a prayer for my SIL Machelle. She has been hospitalized for over a week now with pneumonia (she's getting better!) and could benefit from a collective hug and prayer. Thank you!

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  1. Too bad you didn't let me know you were downtown. I work at 1st St & Washington. We could have had lunch together !! Call me next time.