Saturday, February 9, 2013

this is an upaid advertisement

Some of you have used their service, others have never heard of it.
Brock did have glasses.
That is until his car got cleaned out and the glasses
ended up in the trash along with everything else on the floor.
As is typical, the oops wasn't discovered until it was too late.
He really can't see to drive at night ...
can't see anything if he is riding either.
He is due for another eye exam, but for the moment
the most pressing thing was to get him a pair of lenses.
I had the prescription from his last exam.
The only thing missing was his pupillary distance
which the website will show you how to figure out.
They do send you a nifty little measuring tool with your new glasses.
Maybe just in case you didn't know how to read a tape the first time?
Oh, yeah, that's right.
You were blind the first time around!
I had the eye folks measure mine the last time I was in and
recorded it for me .... for just this purpose.
I hopped on the website, got myself signed in with an account
aaachhhh ... yet another user name and password
and uploaded a picture to the site.
This one should have been straighter on, but it worked.
Next ... you try on glasses in the comfort of your living room!
We went for it.
Within 2 weeks they were in our mailbox.
The guy could have smiled for this lovely shot.
He does have a rather charming grin.
I had about 3 seconds to grab it as he was on his way out the door.
Not bad, hey?
Photo quite obviously has none of the things in it that I learned at that photo workshop.

$23.95 included shipping and he can see.
I know that if you start adding things like tint and graduated lenses the price starts to climb,
but the price of these can't be beat!
I cancelled the eye glass coverage on my insurance at work.
I've decided it just isn't worth it if you can get deals like these.
Imagine if you could get the $9 glasses and your budget allowed for extras.
You could have one in every color!
I upped my life insurance instead.

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