Friday, March 22, 2013

12:52 smile

Somehow this telephone became the topic of conversation one evening.
I removed the jewelry that I had hanging off of it, took it off my dresser,
dusted it off, brought it out and plugged in the phone line.
This telephone happens to be one of many "prizes" I've received in the mail
from my dear mother-in-law who knows me well.
The smile on Natasha's face when she actually heard a voice on the
other end of the line, and was assured the phone really worked,
was quite priceless.

Sometimes it makes me sad to think that there will be entire generations of
people who won't know what this object is or how it works.
They won't know what that dial thing does.
They won't even know what a phone cord is or how it plugs in.

I've decided to leave it out in the living room.
I've decided to use it, knowing that each use will bring another lighted smile into the room.

Project 52 brings you to Kendra this Friday. Her world is filled with precious littles who have those melt your heart in a second smiles. Let's see if she is sharing one of those today.
Thanks for swinging by!

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