Friday, March 1, 2013

9:52 in your closet

I could seriously go hide in my closet.
I'd probably need to take along an extension cord to plug the laptop in,
but I could really use half a day hidden away somewhere.
At least long enough to finish some ridiculous discussion posts for school and write another dreaded paper that I haven't even looked at yet.
The past several weeks have been kind of crazy. Fun, but crazy.
Enough that I'm going crazy at this point.
Crazy enough to hide in that closet.

I'm not crazy enough to take you into that closet with me.
Thank goodness I have another one!
In the shuffle of kids moving out of the house and others moving back in, I somehow ended up with an empty bedroom. It quickly filled to become my "sewing room". It packs up quickly and becomes a guest room much faster than I can get a paper written.

It also has a closet.

This particular closet stores things like Bumbo chairs, blankets and air beds.
It is also home to my sense of peace.
The dotted Jo-Ann bag holds the makings for a sweatshirt blanket.
The blue bag holds makings for a denim blanket.
The green bag holds quilt tops waiting for batting, backing and binding.
The drawers are filled with even more projects.
Now this is the space I consider MY closet!

Our Project Fifty Two circle is a bit smaller this week. Life has sort of intruded into a few folks' lives .. kind of like mine but in different ways. This week's link takes you over to Leann. Hoping you find something a wee bit more interesting in the rest of the closets around the circle and thanks for stopping!

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