Wednesday, March 6, 2013

oooh la la

If you're doing any kind of research at an institute of higher learning,
you're probably aware of Ebsco Host.
It is an online library for journal articles and books.
Lately, it is consuming hours of my life as I pursue another degree.
Recently, I was hopping through articles and lit upon one that had an option of listening
instead of the normal ol' fashioned reading.
Not only could you listen, but you could listen in different accents.
I never made it to reading the article, I was so impressed with the accent thing.
Who would have ever thought?!

I have always been a fan of the British accent.
At least I thought I was.
I used to say that if my dear hubby hadn't come along I'd have probably swooned over anyone with that accent.
I only made it through the first sentence of this article.
First in the American Accent.
Then I let myself listen to the British accent.
What a treat!
Until I made it to the Australian accent.
Then back to the British again.
Back to the Australian yet again.
And I decided that I'd rather hear quacks are not invited in an Australian accent
than in a British one!
The things you learn when you're researching!!

Maybe I could write a paper on the benefits of learning when it involves an Australian accent.
Then again, maybe I should just read the paper and I might learn something worthwhile
about The Root of Disease.
I'd rather just listen to quacks are not invited over and over and over again.

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  1. Where I get my hair done, her son-in-law has a computer shop in the back. He is from Scotland. Said I would love to come and just listen to him speak English with the Scottish accent. Mom