Wednesday, March 27, 2013

horseshoes anyone?

This is what happens when someone asks for something on Facebook.
We have a friend who was looking for some horse shoes for a country style craft idea ....
and Jari has been spending time working around a horse community lately.
The other day he came home with enough uncleaned horse shoes to 
almost make me want to run out and buy one of those sticky fly traps!
He dug through them to find matching sets .....

we wrapped them up (still uncleaned because I think that's part of the horse shoe experience), filled a flat rate box and dropped it into the mail.

And now I need some serious time on Pinterest or something like that
because I have a bucket load of horseshoes waiting to be made into something!

If you have any cool ideas for me ... send me a link!
I'll need a few!

1 comment:

  1. fun! there are lots of cute things on pinterest!
    Emily W