Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Saturday

and I'm off playing for the weekend.

Other than going away for the Annual Mother's Camp weekend, I don't think I've ever gone away like this. I know I'm going to have a blast and can't wait to share some pictures with you when I get home!

Life just keeps on happening over here.

I finished my second 8 week class before I left for the weekend.
That means I can completely relax and not think about it. At. All.
A package arrived from Amazon the other day and I sort of got excited for a bit.
Another one of those things I hadn't ordered and you just never know.
I ripped it open like it was Christmas morning and found ....
Leadership and Management in Nursing.
Yeah. Talk about a downer.
I'm looking at this degree program as being one week long.
I just finished Monday.

I upgraded my phone this past week.
Hubby did something with changing our phone plans to save some monthly bucks.
I was due for an upgrade and I have speedy gonzales now!
I've been spending a moment here and there deleting photos.
I transferred over 1,900 photos down from icloud back onto my phone.
If I need to spend a moment or two in my greenhouse, I just flip through my phone.
Believe it or not, I even have a video of chickens running to Jari's calling them.
It is just a bit beyond ridiculous.

The girls are working and schooling.
Graduation day is coming up around the corner.
Hard to believe that even if Jari's goal was to have all our children stay in the same school once they started going to school, this will be the 4th one graduating from yet a different school. Different school with every child.
That was not the plan.
As long as we stay parked .... maybe we will manage at least 2 from the same place!

Summer is around the corner, although this past week has been heavenly!
Cool breezes mixed with some nasty dusty wind and mud falling from the sky.
Car washes causing traffic congestion in Phoenix.
I've liked some of the comments on FB about that one.
Especially from you northerners who really understand what a dirty car looks like.
I get it.
It is quite funny.
I do remember having quite a yearning for the ability to drive up to one and jump out.
Have them do all the cleaning instead of me lugging a shopvac and extension cords out to the yard.
Now when I have them everywhere ... I enjoy doing my own.

That's all for this week folks.
I just got feeling a little like all I do lately is share a bit of food, photo and craft.
I finally cooked dinner for the first time this week on Thursday.
I probably don't even have the right to share recipes right now.
Crafting I manage between discussion posts, pages of paper writing and the endless research and reading that goes along with it.
15 minutes in the crafting corner in the midst of all that and my mind is ready to go again.

See you sometime this week after I figure out how this next class is going to roll.
Have a great weekend ... and I hope it doesn't involve too much shoveling of the white stuff!

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