Wednesday, April 17, 2013

life is a gift

Most days I wake up and don't remember to be thankful.
I forget to thank God that He has given me another day.
I forget to thank Him for the ability to see the sunshine.
The ability to hear the breeze as it rustles the trees.
I forget to be thankful that my children and husband are safe.
I forget to thank Him for so many things.

Last Saturday evening, while I was relaxing in a rocking chair at my crafting weekend,
Brock was in a car accident with his friend Jake.
A car plowed into them and threw them into a light pole.
Both young men are okay.
Jake was discharged from the hospital on Monday with a broken ankle that will keep him out of work for several months.
Brock was discharged on Tuesday with instructions to lay low for several weeks.
He had a bleeding spleen that they were keeping an eye on.
The laying low is going to be painfully boring for him.
He'd much rather be working.
In fact, his words to me from the ER on Saturday night were, "I need to be at work on Monday!"

Once I was assured that the boys were doing okay, and Jari assured me that he had it all under control, I stayed in Flagstaff until Sunday.
Today I saw pictures of the car that were taken in daylight and am simply amazed that these two guys were able to be at Bible Class tonite.

I'm amazed they're alive and aren't in a million pieces.
Because this looks downright nasty.

And tonite, I'm thankful that Brock ate dinner at the table with us.
I'm thankful that he's sitting in Dad's recliner right now.
Tomorrow morning, if I awake, I'll remember to be thankful.
For everything.

Especially thankful for the fact that I get to see my son's beautiful smile for yet another day.

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  1. sobering wreck. you ended this post beautifully.