Monday, April 8, 2013

the postman is amazing

Friday morning I was still in my pajamas busily paying bills and attacking the mail pile.
Jari was still home so I sent him out to collect the mail and he came in with an armful.
You'd think we'd been on vacation or something!
In one arm he carried a large flat rate box.
I haven't ordered anything lately, nor was I expecting anything.
Totally befuddled, I looked at the return address on the box 
and my curiosity skipped into serious overdrive.
Inside the cover of the box was a package wrapped in a country style 
looking tissue paper and ribbon and a beautiful handmade card.
Under that layer of tissue paper was the most beautiful quilt.

It was a moment where I felt so undeserving of this hard work.
So unworthy of this labor of love.

Amber has shared my dreamy walks though magazine quilt pictures,
wishing we could get this and that done. Oohing and aahing over this design or that fabric.
She caught them well in this quilt.

My love of the color red.
My love of stars.
My love of the homespun fabrics.
She caught it all.
She said it is the largest quilt she has ever machine quilted.
I can't imagine twirling all that fabric around the presser foot, but she did!

For now it is gracing my living room chair so I can gaze at it every trip I make through the living room.
I do know that I don't ever tire of things hand made and it may someday be covering
sleepy grandkids on sleepovers. I'll tell them stories about my kummi girl Amber and how
her children were little when she made this for me.
Over time we will add many more memories to the stitches in this quilt.

Thanks so much Amber!


  1. WOW!!! What a beautiful work of art! And yes, I can imagine how touched you were ... It is obvious her kummi-t├Ąti is special to her, too!

    1. Now I'm itching for a project to send her way! Life just keeps on intruding in the project department over here!