Friday, November 29, 2013

48:52 satisfaction

Project 52

What is satisfaction?

Is it the laundry room that is now navigable?

Is it the Christmas cards that are all addressed and waiting for stamps?

Is it the fact that I needed to create a folder in my email box just for Kohl's cash because I've been doing so much online Christmas shopping ... but I can't manage to accomplish my To Do list that makes up the last 3 available pages of this notebook.
Is it that these are eaten by now and I can't convince a muscle to move?

Or is it all just a wee but more delightful when shared with friends/family over a great cup of freshly brewed java?
Maybe it is the week of vacation from work I've just been on.
That, my friends, is pure satisfaction!
Hoping your Thanksgiving was blessed, filled with friends and family.
Satisfaction to be found Amber's way!

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