Sunday, November 24, 2013

New living spaces

Complete with Saturday afternoon naps.

The lovely yellow notes that say I have a package that won't fit in my itty bitty mail box at the post office. 

The iHeater going in the kitchen. Okay. I wouldn't turn it on. That would be my hubby. We thought it no longer worked. He plugged it in on Friday evening and we were amazed to see it actually did! It worked like a charm to warm my basement in Alaska. As long as he doesn't start tugging it down into the bedrooms at night I'll be okay. 

In case you think I've turned wimpy real fast ... it really has been raining and chilly here. 

In case you didn't notice .. all of my walls in this house have color. No white empty palettes to drive me crazy. 

Then again... if I did something about this mess maybe he could just put on some long handles and skip the electric variety.

Somewhere in there are his long handles. And his sweaters. And my tape for wrapping gifts. I nearly suffered an injury yesterday trying to get the wrapping paper down. Don't use cardboard boxes that aren't filled with books as step stools or, worse yet, ladders. 

No later than next Saturday .... hold me to it. 
'Cuz I can't handle that unorganized bedlam. 

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