Sunday, November 17, 2013

week 5

is done and submitted.
That means 5/8 of the way done.
62.5% of the way done.
That is almost as delicious as smelling a pie baking.
The living room is habitable.
I can find my bed and don't need to pole vault to get into it.
The Christmas lights are strung on the patio.
I don't know where to store my iron that I use all the time.
We went to the post office twice this week.
Walmart is really close and I finally have iced tea.
I took a nap today after church and dreamed that I lost my shoes.
I think I was in Minneapolis in my dream.
Tia is finally home after being gone way too long.
I have no more than 32 hours of work this week.
The following week I'm on vacation.
I am dreaming of laying on the couch outside and reading.
Maybe an entire book.
One that has nothing to do with critical thinking tactics.
And for certain, nothing to do with world health topcis.
Welcome over to our patio for coffee and ... have a great week!

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