Saturday, November 2, 2013

movin' & sittin'

thinking about packing
filling another box for goodwill
wondering why I collect things

Do you notice a pattern?
The diagnosis is Avoidance.

Thursday evening we did run to Prescott for Sharen Anderson's Memorial Service.
Oh, I will miss her laugh and our visits ... as infrequent as they were.
Not knowing what traffic was going to be like, we left a bit early and had time to stop for a bite to eat.
I think we're getting a wee bit closer to permanent spectacles on my dear man.
He now needs them to not only order his food, but to eat it as well.
How fun that we ended up in this booth ... a 1964 Minnesota license plate?!

Friday I had planned on doing school work all day long but Alyx came over in the afternoon.
Before I knew it we were cleaning off the tops of the cupboards and packing up that white glass.
Inside of cupboards (the stuff that doesn't get used every day) was next.
Then the pictures started coming off the walls.
It is starting to look naked over here.
I only have a few totes left to fill.
Needing to run to get more boxes is a serious sign of progress!

Today I was up at six and ready to hit the internet studying business.
Figured I had time to make some pulla today so plunked the dough stuff in the bread machine.
I know I accidentally put another 25% sugar in there, but oh well.
Kept busy until the machine beeped at me indicating it was done.
I looked at the dough and said, "what the dickens?!"
And then I remembered ... I doubled the butter.
I had thought about making some bread dough today as well.
Perhaps that is best left for another day when my brain is functioning.

3 weeks down and 5 more to go of this insanity.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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