Sunday, November 10, 2013


5:15 a.m. saw my eyes popped open before the alarm rang. I'm making a permanent divet in the end of the couch that I call my office. My arms and legs and turning to mush while I study but my fingers can navigate serious numbers of open windows and documents at the same time. 
A quick shower, run to pay rent on the new place and pick up address change forms from the post office that should have been done a week ago ... and off to shop for wedding dresses with Alyx. No luck. At least we are ruling out options. Just getting closer to sewing it myself! Got a call as we were almost home and pulled into the cul de sac to this sight!
There was some serious action going on! The plan was not to move until Wednesday but these guys got a serious start on it all! It is really starting to look more like home over there than it does here. 

Meanwhile ... this poor guy knows what packing tape and boxes are all about ... and he is not impressed with this process. 
I, on the other hand, am excited to see where I can find homes for everything at the new place and am getting very excited to see Friday morning. 

I'll be perched on the same end of the same couch with the same laptop. Same windows open in the computer, different papers being written ... all in a different home ... with the same coffee cup. 

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