Friday, November 29, 2013

48:52 satisfaction

Project 52

What is satisfaction?

Is it the laundry room that is now navigable?

Is it the Christmas cards that are all addressed and waiting for stamps?

Is it the fact that I needed to create a folder in my email box just for Kohl's cash because I've been doing so much online Christmas shopping ... but I can't manage to accomplish my To Do list that makes up the last 3 available pages of this notebook.
Is it that these are eaten by now and I can't convince a muscle to move?

Or is it all just a wee but more delightful when shared with friends/family over a great cup of freshly brewed java?
Maybe it is the week of vacation from work I've just been on.
That, my friends, is pure satisfaction!
Hoping your Thanksgiving was blessed, filled with friends and family.
Satisfaction to be found Amber's way!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

New living spaces

Complete with Saturday afternoon naps.

The lovely yellow notes that say I have a package that won't fit in my itty bitty mail box at the post office. 

The iHeater going in the kitchen. Okay. I wouldn't turn it on. That would be my hubby. We thought it no longer worked. He plugged it in on Friday evening and we were amazed to see it actually did! It worked like a charm to warm my basement in Alaska. As long as he doesn't start tugging it down into the bedrooms at night I'll be okay. 

In case you think I've turned wimpy real fast ... it really has been raining and chilly here. 

In case you didn't notice .. all of my walls in this house have color. No white empty palettes to drive me crazy. 

Then again... if I did something about this mess maybe he could just put on some long handles and skip the electric variety.

Somewhere in there are his long handles. And his sweaters. And my tape for wrapping gifts. I nearly suffered an injury yesterday trying to get the wrapping paper down. Don't use cardboard boxes that aren't filled with books as step stools or, worse yet, ladders. 

No later than next Saturday .... hold me to it. 
'Cuz I can't handle that unorganized bedlam. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

47:52 nature

Project 52
More nature to be found in Amber's direction.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

week 5

is done and submitted.
That means 5/8 of the way done.
62.5% of the way done.
That is almost as delicious as smelling a pie baking.
The living room is habitable.
I can find my bed and don't need to pole vault to get into it.
The Christmas lights are strung on the patio.
I don't know where to store my iron that I use all the time.
We went to the post office twice this week.
Walmart is really close and I finally have iced tea.
I took a nap today after church and dreamed that I lost my shoes.
I think I was in Minneapolis in my dream.
Tia is finally home after being gone way too long.
I have no more than 32 hours of work this week.
The following week I'm on vacation.
I am dreaming of laying on the couch outside and reading.
Maybe an entire book.
One that has nothing to do with critical thinking tactics.
And for certain, nothing to do with world health topcis.
Welcome over to our patio for coffee and ... have a great week!

Friday, November 15, 2013

46:52 be still

Project 52
be still
my yard
the laughter has moved away
the lawn games are no more
the four legged irritant to your existence is gone
today marks the beginning of a new day
in your newly quiet world
live well and grow strong
be still 

on to amber in alaska where the snow will fly and the world will all be still ... soon

Sunday, November 10, 2013


5:15 a.m. saw my eyes popped open before the alarm rang. I'm making a permanent divet in the end of the couch that I call my office. My arms and legs and turning to mush while I study but my fingers can navigate serious numbers of open windows and documents at the same time. 
A quick shower, run to pay rent on the new place and pick up address change forms from the post office that should have been done a week ago ... and off to shop for wedding dresses with Alyx. No luck. At least we are ruling out options. Just getting closer to sewing it myself! Got a call as we were almost home and pulled into the cul de sac to this sight!
There was some serious action going on! The plan was not to move until Wednesday but these guys got a serious start on it all! It is really starting to look more like home over there than it does here. 

Meanwhile ... this poor guy knows what packing tape and boxes are all about ... and he is not impressed with this process. 
I, on the other hand, am excited to see where I can find homes for everything at the new place and am getting very excited to see Friday morning. 

I'll be perched on the same end of the same couch with the same laptop. Same windows open in the computer, different papers being written ... all in a different home ... with the same coffee cup. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

45:52 texture

Project 52
texture of pulla
when you accidentally
double the amount of butter
that the recipe calls for
more texture going on around the circle at keilah's house this week

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

this week on my phone

Saw a style I haven't seen in a few years.
Maybe I should get some leggings and white socks.
Wonder if I'll need some safety pins sometime soon.

Restaurants should offer dollar store reading glasses
or arm extenders.
Sunrise is now seen from a few stories up
after the day has already begun.
5:30 pm on the freeway heading home.
Christmas music is gracing the piano.

Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

movin' & sittin'

thinking about packing
filling another box for goodwill
wondering why I collect things

Do you notice a pattern?
The diagnosis is Avoidance.

Thursday evening we did run to Prescott for Sharen Anderson's Memorial Service.
Oh, I will miss her laugh and our visits ... as infrequent as they were.
Not knowing what traffic was going to be like, we left a bit early and had time to stop for a bite to eat.
I think we're getting a wee bit closer to permanent spectacles on my dear man.
He now needs them to not only order his food, but to eat it as well.
How fun that we ended up in this booth ... a 1964 Minnesota license plate?!

Friday I had planned on doing school work all day long but Alyx came over in the afternoon.
Before I knew it we were cleaning off the tops of the cupboards and packing up that white glass.
Inside of cupboards (the stuff that doesn't get used every day) was next.
Then the pictures started coming off the walls.
It is starting to look naked over here.
I only have a few totes left to fill.
Needing to run to get more boxes is a serious sign of progress!

Today I was up at six and ready to hit the internet studying business.
Figured I had time to make some pulla today so plunked the dough stuff in the bread machine.
I know I accidentally put another 25% sugar in there, but oh well.
Kept busy until the machine beeped at me indicating it was done.
I looked at the dough and said, "what the dickens?!"
And then I remembered ... I doubled the butter.
I had thought about making some bread dough today as well.
Perhaps that is best left for another day when my brain is functioning.

3 weeks down and 5 more to go of this insanity.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, November 1, 2013

44:52 hands/feet

Project 52
Hands & Feet
... hands of siblings ...

... feet of friends ....
... and the guard who watches over all of them ...
this month's blog has you circling around to amber ... enjoy!