Monday, April 27, 2015

camper redo

It has been a while since we started working on this camper thing.
Really not we ... more like he.
I just got around to the finishing touches and they're not quite done.
Today, though, it went up for sale.
That means hurry up and take a few photos ... just in case.

First of all ... the most important thing.
The first time we took it out, the bugs were bad outdoors.
No mosquitos, but flying critters nonetheless.
The screen keeps the air flowing and the critters outside where they belong.
Jumping up into the camper gets to be a serious workout after a day.

This camper was pretty much entirely gutted.
Walls were changed to give it a more open feeling.
The extra fold down bed disappeared and became permanent storage.
The floors were replaced with some left over laminate wood flooring.
Several different shades of gray were used in the painting.

The photo above has the silver hole thing on the floor that the table slides into.
I still need to recover the table.
Have seen some cool ideas using vinyl to cover the top.
I keep forgetting that I need to do that!
The lights were all replaced with LED lights and it gets a bit bright in there!
I asked for some little lights above sitting area and the sink area ...
and voila! They appeared.
It lends a much warmer feeling to the atmosphere with just those little lights on.
And ... I've gotten use to the waves.
Seriously, when I first did these cushions I felt like I was on a Scandinavian ship or something.
Then I had the thought that I should do gray on the sitting part and the wavy
stuff on the backrest.
However ... I had that thought belatedly and the fabric was history.

My original plan was to make curtains on every window.
I nixed Jari's idea of mini blinds until I was at Target one day.
I gave up sewing and traded for the clearance section.
Mini blinds went on every window but this one.

We haven't camped anywhere plugged into power.
That would afford some more luxuries, but we do have a solar panel that manages
to keep us in power. USB plugs for cell phones and all that good stuff.
We would still need to be plugged into power to use the outlets.
So, no curling irons on these trips.
Pack your baseball cap instead.

I went Dollar Store shopping for storage containers.
Was hoping for something other than orange.
I might need to spray paint them, but have a feeling that the paint won't stay
with silverware going in and out of them.
A few more handy things on the walls for spices and whatnots might appear later.

Next ... the area of luxury.
We did move the table out of here when we were camping.
You really didn't get to eat your lunch and sit on the throne at the same time.
If you could manage that .. I'd have a serious award for you!
However, we did use the facilities.
Squatting over rattle snake hideouts just didn't sound so good.
The bathroom does make for good storage, though,
especially when on the road.

This may be a little more than you care to know, but I don't know how anyone who
is a wee bit larger could ever fit in this bathroom. Seriously.
And, I really wonder how on earth you're suppose to take a shower in there!
Jari took down the shower curtain and got rid of it.
There is barely enough room in there to sit, let alone scrub up!
Would probably work good for babies.

Permanent storage in the dining room! Those little white bins you see fit up there perfectly. I have several more that ended up somewhere or another. They worked great for tucking bread/buns/bananas into a safe non squishing place. And ... we have pots and pans. Just for camping. Jari has become a great fan of cast iron. That stuff goes in and out between camper and house,
otherwise ... this bugger is stocked.

The escape hatch.
Just in case you might need it.
When you don't, it opens beautifully to keep the air circulating and cool at night.
Until the wind blows and threatens to take it right off.
Excuse the color of the photo here .. that's my oops. It really is a gray.

Our first time out we used an air mattress.
Then we started looking for something else and ended up with 4 inches of memory foam.
I wouldn't equate it to the Sheraton's Heavenly bed, but we slept well.
And ... it won't all of a sudden deflate in the middle of the night.

The handsome guy who did all the work.
And if this one sells ... he will find another one and will do it all over again.

And maybe the next time around I'll go with a color that I really liked on Pinterest.
Then again ... this has grown on me!
Waves and all.

It is a bit cozy.
We don't really live in here when we're camping.
We're living outside.
However, in a few short weeks it will be just the two of us.
It fits us just fine.

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